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Telget the Fist Fighting Mage


Species: Loren (Lizard race)

Gender: Female

Age: 27 (From her hatching)

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 245 (In muscle mass)

Eye Color: Yellow

Hair color: Purple

Breast Size: J-Cup

Status: Alive

Appearance: Telget has Red colored scales on the outer part of her body. From her top part of her chest to her womanhood the color bisque color and stripes that are the color black. She has a long tail about the size of three times her leg. She wears robes to a cloth that covers her chest with light armor on her leggings. She also has a long pair of ears.

Powers: Telget use’s all sorts of magics. Fire, lighting, dark, mostly buffing magic. But she can cast spells.

Weaponry: She uses a fist weapon called Caestus which are leather straps with studs on the knuckles. Along with another fist weapon which covers her whole hand in armor plating with a blade on the knuckle. She uses staffs which she have crafted herself along with chimes. She also uses melee weapons such as a Warped sword, a falchion and katana infused with acid and other toxins

Personality: She can come across often cold, but she warms up to people in time. She is also straight forward.

Birthplace: Sthoel Wetlands

Friends/Affiliates: Travelers, Cooks, Inn Keepers, Low cast members of her race.

Closest Friend:  Eghert (Her friend who runs a Inn)

Enemies: Bounty Hunters, Cowards, High Rank cast members.

Talents/Professions: Crafting Staffs, talented fist fighter, Natural spell caster, Apprentice Smith.

Hobbies: Bathing, Cooking, Eating, Drinking, Making Jewelry, Bar fighting, Sun bathing, From time to time love making.

Description: Telget was born into a low cast family of her race. Her family was nothing but farmers or more close to slaves. But when Telget was a young child she showed much promise in forging armor and weapons. Her family took this as a chance to raise their cast sent her with what little money they had to be trained in the art of forging weapons. When she was sent to the forge Master of the realm to be trained. She had something else happen to her, she was a natural spell caster. People who often learn magic of her race can be shunned. The forge master left her and didn’t train her any more. So now in the forge capital. She had to fend for herself. She had no money to buy a weapon or even have a bed or food. So she had to go sign up for the arena. Where people of all ages go to either become famous, or die as a lamb in the slaughter. At the age of 11 she signed up and fought pack of dire wolfs and killed them all with her bare hands and used her magic. With that she slightly rose among past other fighters and gain money where she could stay in a inn. There she met her friend Eghert, Eghert family took her in and they become close as much to being Sisters. Telget, sent what money she had left to her family to support them. Telget also took this as a chance to practice her magic and Master the way of the fist. With in the years Telget fought to live off from the arena, gaining praise, or in some cases being shunned for using her magic to gain such power. She also learn to make staffs from a witch, and even learn how to use melee weapons properly and dabbled in making armor and weapons from time to time. But she knew she couldn’t say there for long and gained a new found wonder lust and started to travel the county to see what else she could do.

Fun Fact: Some of her race are warmed blooded, it’s rare but Loren’s are warm blooded. She also does gain Spring Lust, which is often a time of strong mating to happen to her kind.


Telget is a new character that I came up with. I should also say I’ve been a good boy and I’m posting more stuff! :D Telget is also in the same world as Vesta so yeah do with that as well.

Agate, Agate is a cowgirl who’s family have been in a roaming band of Mercenary’s for a long time. She is a master of CQC along with weapons, vehicles, and the basics of army moral and more such things. She is the leader of the Gemstone Mercenary’s. Agate company is one of the highest to be bought and used for private company’s for trade or protection. Fun fact about Agate she does need to be milk from time to time to keep her from being lustful or stressed out.

Ruby, she is part of the Gemstone Mercenary’s. She is the team’s Marksman. Ruby has always been the best shot due to her family living on a military base.She is also has a good sense of smell and can smell something from at least a week ago. Ruby is also a hopeless romantic as well and lust to be with someone. Even her fellow team members.

Topaz, Topaz is a OC I wrote a short story on dA called “Wars on New Years” if I remember the name correctly. I want to do more with her. I mean she has friends in a group called the “Gemstone Mercenary’s” Since they are all named after parts of stones. Topaz does have a lot of tattoos but the program doesn’t allow for such a thing so use your imagination. I plan on making her friends in the same program as well so get ready to see more lovely Gem women.

OC Hyper drive end

Holy shit I posted a lot of characters using that Dress up game. |3 Now only if I could write them and put a bio on that would be a different story. Also I just want to make them in Dark Souls 2 because the idea for weapons and armor and magic would work some wonderfully. Along with a fist fighting OC which would use Caestus and Malformed Claws which she would use with a fire buff. The many juices in my head are flowing so yeah. I’ll maybe post some more stuff tomorrow hell if I feel like it maybe I’ll throw a bio out.

Makoto the Pants-less warrior, Makoto is a character I did base of Makoto Nanaya. But my Makoto OC is human and is a traveling warrior who fights for people either for good or coin. She also doesn’t wear any armor leggings due to the fact nothing can fit her rear and hips so she goes with leather cover for her crouch and a couple of metal plates for her legs. She is a strong warrior but at some times she can be a little peevish when people see her rear.

Arnlaug, head guard and leader of Hlin army and guards of the palace. She is a Neko fairy who is a great warrior. She wears heavy armor which shows off her belly but covering her top and legs all the way. She prefers to use large blunt weapons. Such as a solid iron club with a long sword on the side just in case. She also uses dark and fire magic which came from her parents.

Hlin The Ice Queen, Hlin is a very powerful which who controls ice and has forged her own Kingdom. She is also part of Vesta’s world and Council member of the Witches Watch Us. She also has a head guard named Arnlaug. Another person I shall also make as well. If I could get Dark Souls 2 you could see the armor ideas I have for both of them. But Hlin the Ice Queen. Beautiful, powerful, and up most of all fearsome. 

Misha, she is from the same Tribe as Olga. They are Sisters in the tribe called Darakler. A tribe race with a mix of dark elfs and humans. Everyone with in the same tribe have Dark skin and crimson red hair. Misha left her tribe to travel and learn things beyond forging armor and basic fire magic and lighting. She does wear a robe but once again limitations. Misha is also very peevish as well.



This is Esme, a Gargoyle girl. She does wear armor when she fights but for the most part she likes to walk around naked. She is over 1000 years old and now travels around the world not in a fallen tower she once guarded. She is also part succubus which was crafted from a more powerful one  Another bio I have to write.

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