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Sam the Scout, Sam is part of the BLU team. Along with Ambar and Jane. Now I got the offensive section of the team out of the way. I can work on the others. Along with that I should just be uploading the rest of the team and not some OC’s I’ve had floating around in my head for some time which bios I need to produce and give them a little more then just a pretty face and a pin-up.

Ambar the Pyro, Now for as long as I could remember I wanted to make a Team Fortress 2 Female merc team. I wasn’t how to sure how to go about it. But for the time being I could use the program to make what what they look like without all the based Tf2 things and more of casual Artair. But enough of that, Ambar the Blue team Pyro, an insane woman who loves fire (Which she does lose it pyro vison is acted upon) she also likes cats (Not burning them but cuddling and what not) That’s all I have and I’ll push more of the team out later.

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